Thinking about nurseries, digitalising is not the first thing that comes into your mind, although it is the perfect combination. With the current technology, telecommunication and internet are indispensable. Also for your company! 

Comsave is there to find the best combination! Comsave will take care of all that for you. Comsave will see to it that your nursery is provided with ultrafast internet and the best connection for your company. Not only will this increase your findability, but also your reachability. 

The quick and business internet and telecommunication is provided with the best connections, not just at one branch, but applied at multiple branches, for you to always be online and reachable!

Which network provides you with the best and cheapest connection at the highest speed for your company? Check your postal code now!.


  • Lots of opportunities: keep in touch with parents through streaming, save camera images for security purposes, easily draft and adapt working schedules etc.
  • Fast internet at any location
  • Possible to connect multiple locations
  • Easily accessible, both online & through telephone

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Networks we support
salesforce eurofiber colt tele2 kpn ziggo zakelijk verizon business ubiquiti cisco caiway mikrotik ziggo edpnet crossnetworks telenet