What types of internet connections are available?


fiber connection

Superfast business fiber internet is available to more locations than ever. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for your business.

Comsave has maximum availability because the Comsave network is linked to all business networks in The Netherlands. Comsave bundles all requests and can, as such, ensure a lower cost price and better services.


Furthermore, you will retain your IP-addresses when moving to a different location, which saves time and migration costs, even if the services are provided by Comsave across a different business network.

  • Available across all business networks, so always at your fingertips
  • Ultrafast premium business internet up to 10GB/s
  • Best price guarantee
  • Uptime up to 99,98%



dsl connection

With slower speeds, but high availability, a DSL connection over existing phone cables is the cheapest option and easy to set up.


Business DSL internet over phonecables via Comsave is the ideal way for companies to get internet at the lowest cost. With speeds to 50Mbit/s internet via DSL is perfect for smaller companies or start-ups.


In other words, DSL is the way to go when ultra-high speeds are not necessary or if the location of your organization doesn’t allow any other connections. 

  • Easy to set up
  • Cheapeast available internet
  • Slower speeds than fiber, cable and 4g

radio connection

When we can’t connect your through the ground, we will go through the air!

When speed it at the utmost importance, for example when trading on the stock exchange, that’s where business internet via radio relay comes in.


Internet over radio secures business of a high speed, reliable connection, which is also ideal for when companies cannot be reached via traditional ways.

  • High-speed internet up to 10GB/s, even faster than business fiber
  • No interference by other users
  • No health risks
  • Ideal for hard-to-reach areas
  • Uptime up to 99,98%
  • Not possible when there are obstacles (high trees, buildings) in the way

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Internet over coax is particularly suitable for middle-sized companies and is also suitable as back-up for business fiber

Internet providers UPC and Ziggo are currently the two largest cable providers in The Netherlands.


Comsave also provides its own services across these networks, on which the download speed can get up to 500MB/s and the upload speed up to 40MB/s.

  • Higher speeds than ADSL or VDSL connections
  • Stable and reliable 
  • Hosted VoIP calling possible 
  • Cloud services possible
  • Limited to download speed of 500MB/s and upload to 40MB/s

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In urgent need of an internet connection?

Businesses that need urgent or temporary internet are supplied with a wireless connection within 4 hours. The connection is delivered through a managed router that you can connect to your local network and computers.

The connection offers sufficient speed, at a fixed price per week of per month.

  • Ideal when your organization needs internet quickly
  • Suitable as temporary solution
  • Delivered within 4 hours
  • Standard delivery with a managed router
  • Only suitable as temporary solution

Business internet from Comsave keeps your company running regardless of load


Deliverable in any location 

On any location, you get to choose the best offer for business internet.

  • Superfast business fiber internet

  • Best possible connection for every location

  • All providers available over the own core network


Premium support

Our servicedesk is always ready to answer your questions immediately

  • An SLA suited to your needs

  • 24/7 support

  • Skilled and qualified helpdesk employees


Flexible services

Internet connections and additional services customized to your organization

  • Multiple locations can be connected to multiple networks

  • Changing networks is made easy and simple

  • Connections are tailored to your needs: fiber, air fiber, dsl, coax, etc

Is your organization located in a business center?

Comsave developed the ultimate offer for companies located in a business complex. 

Business Centers

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