VoIP blog 5: VoIP: the technique and how is it installed?

Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The technique behind VoIP

How is it possible to communicate over VoIP? VoIP converts the analogue signal (your voice) to digital packages that will be sent over the internet and when it arrives to the receiver the packages will be converted back to the analogue signal, your voice. To convert your voice twice - once to a digital package and once back to your voice - you need a codec.



There are different VoIP codecs, but the most common one is the ‘G711’. The G711 has two variants: the u-law and the a-law. The u-law is mainly used in North-America and in Japan and has a larger dynamic reach. The dynamic reach is the difference between the softest and the loudest sound that can be presented in the signal. The a-law has a dynamic reach which is a lot smaller and for this reason the sound will be more pure.


But is it possible to have a conversation over VoIP when I’m using u-law and the other person’s using a-law? It’s possible, but you won’t be able to have a 100% clear conversation. The u-law is a lot more sensitive. For this reason it’s necessary for the users of the u-law codec to be able to connect calls with users using the a-law codec. The a-law has priority on the u-law, which means a-law users don’t need a connection with the u-law codec since that’s the less pure codec. By organizing the codecs this way, we prevent bad phone calls.


How does the installation go?

Usually every phone with an analogue connection can be connected with the internet. This connection goes through a router that connects the phone with the broadband access. The internet access cable which you would put in the cable input in your PC can simply be used in the exact same way for your deskphone. After that’s done, your phone is connected with your PC through another internet access cable linking them to each other.


Who is going to do this and how much time is it going to take? We, Comsave, are going to do the installation. This installation is done very quickly. And even when it only takes ten minutes, we will make sure that you’re never unavailable to your customers during that short amount of time. The only thing that you have to do after we installed everything is to adapt your VoIP platform to your own needs. This is a very easy process from which you will reap the benefits very shortly after.


Would you like a consultation about how Comsave can provide a suitable VoIP solution for your company? Call us at +31(0)88 999 5555 or send an email to sales@comsave.com and we will contact you.


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