Comsave Core University Part 2

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Comsave is an ISP, Internet Service Provider, in the broadest sense. With delivering our customers the best possible services comes the responsibility of having a powerful and trustworthy network. An important part of doing so is by using the most important protocol on the internet: BGP.


BGP, Border Gateway Protocol, is a standardized protocol which is designed to exchange accessibility information on the internet. Without BGP it wouldn’t be possible to even have an internet connection. In this article we will inform you about what BGP entails and how Comsave has implemented it to its network.


BGP is, as said in the preface, the most important routing protocol on the internet. Usually BGP is used to route the internet traffic between different networks.


Using BGP is all about the best accessibility and finding the best route to a destination. In this way BGP tells our network what is the best pathway to connect your PC to a website such as Facebook or Youtube, but it also tells us how to set up the best possible connection between cloud servers on the internet.


Comsave is using two main forms of BGP. These two are called the external BGP (eBGP) and the internal BGP (iBGP). eBGP is set up in between two different networks, also called Autonomous Systems (AS). AS is a collection of routers, switches, firewalls and connections in between routers of the same provider.


Comsave has several eBGP connections with upstream providers (or Transit providers) which also offers redundancy to our partners by offering two eBGP sessions. By using this solution, the customer actually shows us which of the two pathways is leading to their network.


If one of the these two would fail, BGP will immediately connect to the other one. Setting up BGP this way, Comsave can considerably increase the continuity of the services delivered to the end-customer.

The counterpart of eBGP is iBGP. With iBGP a big amount of routing on the internal network of Comsave will be spread. In this case everything stays in the same AS. Also with iBGP it’s all about redundancy. If a sudden problem would appear on an intermediate router within the Comsave network, iBGP will find a different route to all destinations. As the amount of routes on the internet is still growing, BGP keeps being the most convenient solution for every network. Are you interested in the redundancy solutions Comsave can offer you via BGP or would you like to receive more information about this subject, contact us by calling +31(0)88 999 5555 or send an email to

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